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Founded at the end of the 70's, ANN MAX has always proved capable of harnessing the changing trends of fashion and of the market, revolutionising its products with avant-garde ideas and materials.

ANN MAX Export is a company which offers a complete and qualified range of services for the production, distribution and valorisation of knitwear and clothing.

ANN MAX operates with an ample production network, in which those working in the sector, large-scale distribution and agencies may find the most advanced technologies together with the most highly-qualified professionals at their disposal to satisfy every kind of market requirements .

You can find us at our new offices in Via Baccelliera, 2 in Modena, only a few kilometres from the Modena-Sud A1 motorway exit and about 30 km from the Marconi airport in Bologna.

Ann Max Export s.r.l.
via Baccelliera, 2 - 41100 Modena - Italy
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P.IVA 01545460360